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Cheese on wooden board Hi! And, welcome! It is Autumn 2006 and I've just started making lots of cheeses and documenting them here and in the discussion forum. We recently moved to New Jersey from Colorado and that put cheesemaking on hold fro a while. But, things are settled and I'm starting again. You can keep track of my progress on this site.

There is quite a bit of good information available on this site. The resources section and the cheesemaking process section have a good start on providing useful content. You can also visit this discussion forum where I keep track of what I'm learning about cheesemaking at home. There, you can find basic instructions, links to resources including supplies and books, a general description of home cheesemaking processes, as well as recipes and my experiences with them.

Books, videos, equipment, supplies, inspiration... everything you need to make your own cheeses at home!
Cheesemaking Process
The process from start to finish. This page includes a link that talks about the equipment you'll need and documents the general process for cheesemaking. It also contains photos and some short Quicktime movies that illustrate various steps in home cheesemaking.
Here are a number of recipes that follow the general process described above. These are recipes that I've had good success with.
Troubleshooting and Frequently Asked Questions
Common questions, helpful hints and a guide to troubleshooting your cheesemaking.

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