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Thursday, March 07, 2013

Casting Shadows


IMG 7497


On my walk the other day at Long Pond Ironworks, I took a photo of this house at the beginning of my walk because I loved the shadows the big tree next to it was casting. 


IMG 7496


I continued on my walk and spent some time at the Abandoned House again. I might have been gone 45 minutes at the most. When I walked back by the house it was quite obvious the sun was on the move. 


IMG 7612


Once the trees leaf out these kinds of shadows are not possible, so that's one good thing I can find to say about it still being winter! It might be the only one …


P. S. In that first photo does anyone else besides me see a big gaping mouth and a long Pinocchio-esque nose in the tree's shadow? I know; I'm weird!


Top Photo: Shadow & Light


These photos are truly striking in the kind of take-my-breath-away mode (no, not like in “Top Gun” smile  Love the black/grey and whiteness. It’s obvious who got the artistic genes from Dad in this family !!! (hint: not me!)

Wow, Bigsis. I didn’t think they were that good! wink You can draw and I can’t. So about artistic genes ... well ... I’m not so sure who got what! Glad you liked them. And THANK YOU!

I guess you could use the shadow on the house as a sun dial.  cool smile

Now that you point out that face, I DO see it! I love shadows and the way they change. It’s so great to know the picture you took a minute ago will never happen in exactly the same way again. Even on the same date at the same time next year, the weather and the trees are likely to be different. The shadows on this house ARE great.

Yes, for the gaping mouth and LOONNG nose.  Actually like the last photo the best where it looks like the shadow on the left is taking over/surrounding the house.

C, I’ll get you my dearie ... (said the tree)

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