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Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Catching up

IMG 2198
Sunflowers at the Warwick Farmer’s Market on Sunday.

My sister left on Saturday. We had a good visit and I think we did everything she was hoping to do. Time went by so quickly that her visit was over before we knew it!

Cirque in the city was wonderful! Such skilled performers. Death-defying acts! Lightning fast set changes! Non-stop entertainment! If you’ve never seen Cirque perform I highly recommend them to anyone. This is the third one I have seen. On Las Vegas trips I’ve seen Mystere and LOVE (the Beatle one). All of them well worth the price of a seat.

On Saturday after dropping my sister at the train station we took the dogs for a walk before it got too hot. Poor things have been inside with no exercise because of the heat. We did a little grocery shopping, then took Mia for a short drive around Greenwood Lake. We ate lunch at the Emerald Point restaurant (which I always refer to as the biker place because all the motorcycle folks hang out here). We sat outside in the shade with a view of the lake and had a cool beer and a sandwich. It was nice.

When we got home we pooled it for a few hours. And then again after dinner. I did about 30 laps or so of the side-stroke and it felt good to get the exercise.

IMG 2192
Outside house lights reflecting in the pool.

We are having a marvelous pool year this year with very consistent temperatures in the low 80’s and clear sparkling water. Sheer heaven with all the hot weather and humidity we’ve been having.

The cicadas are slowly starting up. I hope they reach symphonic heights this year as I love to hear them singing away. We have a few fireflies left but I think they are a different species than the ones earlier in the summer. These fly high amongst the tree tops with a different light pattern. The other day there was a bug inside on the sliding glass door. I grabbed it, opened the door and tossed it outside and as it flew off it lit up! It didn’t look like a firefly to me, jut another beetle. And we’ve had some strange beetles around this year.

The bee balm is nearly spent. The hummingbirds enjoy it now (must be the concentration of nectar?) but it’s not as pretty.

IMG 2200

I got a surprise when I looked closer at the garden. The bee balm that I got when I traded with Maggie was blooming! Last year it did not come up, but this year even with the lack of rain it’s making a strong showing. I LOVE the color!! Maggie, did mine bloom in your garden??

IMG 2201

On Sunday we made a new recipe: Tomatillo Gazpacho. It was perfect on a hot and humid day.
Tomatillos, cucumbers, green pepper, jalapeños, and avocado all blended, then topped with a cucumber/avocado/shrimp/green olive salsa. It was delicious!

IMG 2220

Hopefully I am back into the swing of blogging again instead of the hit (and mostly miss) of the past week!


smile  Glad I’m popping up in your garden!!!  No such luck on my end.  :(  Oh well, that’s just an excuse to come visit and dig up some more ~grin

Maggie, oh, too bad I am not in *your* garden! I wonder what happened. Last year when it didn’t come up I sort of stopped thinking about it. This year when the bee balm first started coming up and I was weeding the bed I thought it looked like different leaves. And it was! Come on back and get more!

That gazpacho looks great! As I think I’ve said before, I miss the New Jersey fireflies. They were one of my favorite parts of summer—and we don’t have fireflies in England. (At least, not that I’ve seen.)

Steve, the gazpacho was wonderful cool and refreshing! I love the fireflies but for me the cicadas are the real harbingers of deep summer. Surely there must be fireflies in England? Most likely at the baronial estate you recently stayed in! wink

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