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Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Copy Cat

Our Sam is a Copy Cat. He adores the printer. The minute the machine whirs into motion you can count on Sam to come running. He likes the noise it makes as it prints the page. He sits and watches the paper as it slowly advances towards him; finally to be spit out and the cycle completed. To him it’s cat magic. He likes it so much that he has figured out how to make his own copies.

One night, just after we went to bed, we heard a strange beeping noise. Was it a cell phone low on battery? A smoke alarm low on battery? After getting up to investigate, I found Sam sitting on the printer. The beeping sound was coming from the printer; it was out of paper. Sam had made lots and lots of blank copies for himself. Oh joy.

He must know I’m writing about him this morning because he just jumped up on the printer. No copies yet ...

Hmmmm ....... now which one of these buttons makes this thing work?
Lynne Robinson, Hewitt, New Jersey



How funny… my Siamese Pandora is the exact opposite she shuns all technology as evil.  She hates the noise of the printer and yowls at me to make it stop.  She hisses at the cell phone.  She is jealous of the computer and gets annoyed if I spend too much time working and ‘ignoring’ her.  Now the little B&W boys they are oblivious to everything, unless it involves water or re-making a bed, although recently, I did catch them trying to open the DVD player.

Do you think Sam wants to make a phone call?

What a clever kitty!

None of our cats seem at all interested in electronics, just those silly fabric mice!

I guess you’ll have to be hitting the power button on that printer at night…Oh wait, on second thought…he probably knows how to turn it back on <chuckl>...pull the cord.

Yes, Sam is clever. Too clever.

Reya: He HAS used the phone before. We had an old phone (the kind with a cord) and everytime the phone rang he would knock it off the hook. We had to unplug the phone.

Cat: He does know how to turn it back on. smile

Cat Magic ... now that is a great thought!


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