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Thursday, July 05, 2012

Happy day after the 4th of July

IMG 2111

What a strange 4th of July! Coming mid-week without a weekend attached was very strange. Almost like a non-holiday. Rick managed to take the day before off so he had two days off in a row. But that just managed to make it feel like a weekend, and now it feels like Monday!

The weather cooperated quite nicely with sunny skies and not-too-hot temperatures with not-too-cloying humidity. We were hoping for the predicted thunderstorms but they never materialized. Too bad. We could really use the rain!

We took a drive in Mia to the town of Newton. I had been here for the first time back in January when I was Oscar Dress shopping and fell in love with the quaint little downtown area.

IMG 2137

I love the architecture!

IMG 2138

IMG 2146

Too bad you can never get away from utility lines in New Jersey! I guess it adds to the charm.

IMG 2143

IMG 2144
Betty Boop posing in a restaurant window.

We were back by noon and the rest of the day was spent in or around the pool. Our little backyard oasis!

IMG 2106

I had to finish this book! It was driving me crazy!

IMG 2147

Such a lazy afternoon. But who could resist the perfect pool temperature of 83 degrees!? It did get hotter and more humid as the day wore on but once in a while a nice breeze would kick in so it wasn’t quite as stuffy.

For dinner we grilled fajitas and ate on the deck. All in all, a nice way to spend a mid-week holiday! Now we can look forward to the “real” weekend—my sister arrives!





Sounds like a great day! The architecture in Newton does look fascinating. I love those old towns in New Jersey—I used to work in Somerville, in Somerset County, and that had a cute little downtown.

When I get mired in a book—even a good one—it drives me crazy too. I just have to sit down and polish it off!

Steve, Somerset County has some beautiful spots!

Okay, my sister told me how tacky it was that I left the sticky price tag on my book. Sorry, sis, my bad!

Sounds like a great day - Newton looks so pretty with such lovely well maintained buildings (is the English building a school?) A lazy afternoon by the pool would be the perfect end to the day.  Have a lovely weekend with your sister.

I had a lazy 4th, just no pool.  Hope you and bigsis have a great weekend!  Finally, my last day at work - for real.

Joyce, I don’t know (but I wish I did) about the ENGLISH on that particular building. If i could I would live in Newton because it has everything our community where we live does not. All the “big box” stores plus a quaint downtown area. We have neither of those where we live now.

My sis is here for one week. She lives in North Carolina, so when she comes she tends to stay.

C. Lazy is good, pool or not. Sorry about your last day of work. :(

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