Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Hurricane Sandy Diary: Day Two (updated!)

This is a photo of our driveway on the other side. We have a circular drive and thankfully we don’t use this part very much.
I am blogging from Rick’s iPad since I guess I was a bad girl and have not been syncing my iPad with my computer so that my version of BlogPress is not working. Sigh.
We survived the night. The wind was ferocious last night. We started off by sleeping downstairs but woke up about an hour after going to bed and hearing that the wind had died down, we went back upstairs to our own bed for the remainder of the night.
If I had seen the sight I saw this morning of our neighbors’ (Kim and Mark) trees down across the road I might have stayed downstairs!

So far we got the generator running and right now the fridge is plugged in. It’s still raining outside and pretty gray, so not a lot of lighti is coming in to the house. I am typing by lantern light at the moment in the kitchen.
We have a fire going in the wood stove and I just put a tea kettle full of water on it to heat up for either washing a few dishes or a little sponge bath.
We walked down our street and saw lots of trees down.

But the worst thing we saw was the major road and all the trees and power lines down on it. This was the same exact spot where our power problem was last year in the October snowstorm!!

Last time it looked like this it took us five days to get our power back. Not looking good!!
In the meantime we are safe and warm. We plan on reading around the wood stove and maybe we’ll put a puzzle together.
Rick’s company is closed again today and we know that they don’t have power, so until power is restored down in Wayne he won’t be going to work.
We got coffee perked on our butane burner and ate biscuits that Rick baked yesterday. Not sure what lunch will be. Grilled cheese sandwiches? Soup?
Apologies in advance for any typos!

UPDATE @ 2:30 p.m.
We walked over to neighbor Aileen’s house (with the chickens) and chatted with them. All their animals are good but they lost a huge oak tree in the front yard that thankfully fell away from the house instead of on it. They were out with chains saws sawing it up, which is quite the task.

Throughout our little neighborhood the sound of generators and chains saws mingle with the smell of wood smoke from everyone’s fireplace and wood stoves. It kind of feel like we’re at a campground. Only camping in your own home it not ideal. Better than a tent, granted but at least in a tent you don’t walk around turning on lights that just won’t turn on.

We’d had rain on and off all day and the temperatures are now in the 40’s. We are basically living in our kitchen/sunroom area as that is the warmest (and brightest!) spot in the house.

We’re about to turn on the generator again to charge up the old iPads and give the fridge a cool down. At least that is one thing that is different than last year’s October power outage.

More later; stay tuned!

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Wow.  When I come to visit, it will definitely look different than the last time I was there.  Commented on your previous post before I saw your email.  I called my friend in Queens and she is fine - saw that Perin and Harriet are good from Facebook.  There are millions of others without power too so you are not alone!  So glad you are both okay.  Hardly any wind at all this morning - even a little sun breaking through the clouds.

Not a pretty sight. At all. Glad you guys, your little family and Aileene’s animals are fine. I bet the dogs are freaked out by all this strangeness.

Watch out for bees (but it may be too late in the year for them)!! It was 9/23/89 when we hosted Hurricaine Hugo and with lots the trees down and being sawed up, we were inundated with all kinds of bees. Maybe from tree sap? I never did understand that, but it was awful.

Thanks for the update and keep ‘em coming!

Hi Lynne, I was so worried about you when I saw the devastation the storm had caused in New Jersey - the pictures in our paper show people being rescued from floodwaters in Little Ferry, New Jersey and floodwaters puring into a subway station in Hoboken, New Jersey.  I am so pleased to hear that you and family are safe in your own home. I will be back to blogging soon - till them take care and stay safe.

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