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Monday, October 29, 2007

It’s déjà MOO all over again

Remember the cow that escaped this summer? What follows is the latest article published in our local paper. Talk about having bad cow karma ... sheesh!

It was nearly déjà vu all over again Sunday afternoon when a cow rented from a New York livestock dealer escaped and went for a run near the West Milford Equestrian Center on Union Valley Road.

Frank Battipaglia, owner of the Equestrian Center, said that the bovine escaped after a door on the truck in which it was being transported opened as the vehicle moved down the driveway.

Her excursion was short-lived, however, as she was soon wrangled and returned to Monticello, NY, from which she came with the other cattle rented from dealer Jay Rubin Livestock.

The incident was reminiscent of one nearly six months ago when a cow escaped from an event at the Equestrian Center on May 6.

That day, it had a literal run-in with a Honda on Union Valley Road, but fled the scene of the accident.

That black cow tagged with the number 0, which the center also rented from Jay Rubin Livestock, has been spotted several times over the past several months. Numerous employees and loyal riders at local equestrian centers volunteered their time to play “cowboy” and “cowgirl” and search the woods near the Equestrian Center. Though the mounted volunteers came close to roping her a few times, including once when she was spotted with a bear, she was never caught.

Sightings slowed, however, and the cow has not been spotted for a few months. Those following the story have not given up hope that she will return home.

“They can live open range for a long time,” Battipaglia said on Monday.

—from the West Milford Messenger; story by Rebecca Scanlon, Staff Writer


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