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Thursday, December 13, 2012

Kicking off the Holidays

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Today kicks off our special holiday activities. Literally! We try to go in to the city at least once during the holiday season. Last year we ate at Butter and took in the tree and decorations at Rockefeller Center. It seems odd that we would have chosen almost the exact day again this year to go in without realizing it. But, we did!

Tonight we have tickets for the Christmas Spectacular at Radio City Music Hall with the rockin’ Rockettes. The Rockettes are celebrating 85 years of kicking up their heels. I know I’ve said this before in the blog, but as a child my parents took us in to the city twice for my birthday (which happens around Christmas). We waited in the early morning darkness for the train to arrive and the whole trip seemed very magical since this was not a common occurrence. We saw a matinee show at Radio City with a movie and the Rockettes. This was back in the day before they featured in a whole show. The movie was Father Goose with Cary Grant and I remember it well.

We’re driving in late this afternoon and parking near The Rock. We’ll walk around, visit the tree and take in the throngs of Japanese tourists and their flashing cameras, the Saks 5th Avenue window display and the Christmas lights. Then it’s off to dinner at an Italian restaurant that we have not eaten in before, Alfredo’s. We chose something close by so we wouldn’t have to rush anywhere. We originally were going to eat at The Sea Grill which looks out over the skating rink at Rockefeller Center but they were closed for a private party tonight. I had some great restaurant recommendations from a fellow blogger who recently moved from New York City (thanks, Steve!) but since they were farther away we opted to stay closer.

And yes, I am lugging my camera plus my smaller zoom lens with me. Crazy, I know, but I also know I’ll be sorry if I don’t bring it along.

Yesterday presented yet another special treat for us this holiday season. Rick’s work had a raffle to give away two tickets to see the play The Sound of Music at the Paper Mill Playhouse, and Rick’s name was pulled out of the hat! How’s that for luck? We’re really looking forward to it. It’s on Saturday, December 22nd, the matinee showing.

To add to the festivities, there’s been talk of a possible stormy track to the weather. Does that mean snow before Christmas? I certainly hope so. How perfect that would be: the icing on the season, so to speak!

How about you? Are you doing something fun this holiday season?

P.S. Now we’ve added a 3D showing of The Hobbit to our list this weekend! woo hoo!


Only rain for four days predicted here starting Sunday and temps in the 40s.  I want to see The Hobbitt too!!  You’ll have to let me know how it is.  Enjoy your trip to the city!

C, rain is predicted here for now too, but they said there might be several storms following each other and also cold air. A girl can hope!

I love NYC during the holidays or any other time for that matter!  And lugging the camera will be worth it…enjoy!  Say hi to the Rockettes for me…have not seen them since I can’t remember when.

That’s a busy weekend! Hope you have fun in the city. You’re definitely doing the right thing to bring your good camera and lens!

Helene, I love it too and I know we should go in more often. I’m not sure lugging the camera in was worth it. The Rockettes are such a great precision group! They were awesome.

Steve, actually not all that buy this weekend, just The Hobbit. The play is next weekend. I didn’t even use the zoom! Bah!

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