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Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Nobody’s Home

IMG 7540


I've visited this old abandoned house before on my blog. It's haunting. The windows gape openly or are boarded up. The wood siding is peeling away and faded to interesting variations of the color it once was.


IMG 7539


They say that for people, the eyes are the windows to the soul. So if the windows on a house are its eyes, what do they say about the soul of this house? That once it used to be loved? That once a child might have played and slept in the room with the peeling ceiling? That it heard laughter reverberate from its walls?

IMG 7538


Or was it always just an empty shell?


 Photos taken at Long Pond Ironworks, West Milford, New Jersey

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A beautiful old house and it makes me sad when no one takes care of it any more.  It does make you curious as to who used to live there and what kind of life once happened there, doesn’t it?

Beautiful!  This made my heart go pitty pat.

Those are really beautiful shots - it’s sad that it’s been abandoned. I guess I can’t think of it as an empty shell, but as a place where people once lived life.

Tracey, I know, it *is* sad. One can imagine all kinds of things about it.

Jori, thank you! And thanks for stopping by.

Karen, thank you. I too would like to think it was once a place that was cherished.

More lovely photos from Long Pond Ironworks! I just love the colors of the weathered wood.

I,too, find abandoned houses very sad and often feel sorry for them. (I’m weird, I know!)

Love how you framed the first shot!
What a lovely patina on the weathered wood.
It’s a chiche but ‘if these old walls could talk’ I’m sure they would tell about the vibrant lives it once protected within its four walls.

Bigsis, Glad you liked the photos! wink

Carletta, thank you! Thanks for stopping by. I would love to hear what those old walls would say for sure!

Kind of sad but the colors are beautiful.

Beautiful colors in the wood.

We have many old homes like that in our area. It is sad to see them neglected. I just know some of them were such grand homes in their day.

Yes, it has seen better days, but you have captured and preserved it…My Rurality:

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