Saturday, May 05, 2007

Ode to Dandelions

Lynne Robinson, Hewitt, New Jersey
Poor Dandelions.

they are:
mowed down
pulled up

Now really, if you had never seen one before and your mind was not prejudiced against them, would you think them ugly? Unlovely? Just look at thier sunny yellow-ray faces! I picked this little bouquet and brought them inside.

Why is it that people feel the need to have huge expanses of green grass with nary a spot of yellow? Who started all this “weed” business anyway? Maybe it was the Round-Up people, or some other pesticide company in need of customers. It’s a conspiracy, I tell you. Dandelions have gotten a bum rap. They have medicinal value, plus many people treasure dandelion greens as a culinary feast. I clearly remember when we lived in France, people would go around with baskets collecting the tender, early leaves to eat.

Now, I don’t mind them in my lawn at all, but I do tend to keep them out of my flower beds.  [Ahem ... double standard?]

I found this poem in a Google search, and really liked it. So, here it is:

Ode To The Dandelions
(or Why I Shouldn’t Cut The Grass)
by Nancy Ness

The sun shines high: the rain’s gone by.
It’s Dandelion Day.
From fertile spawn my plush green lawn
Is mottled yellow spray.

The neighbors’ round, all cutting down
Their blades and flowers gay -
Now green they’ve got, a common lot,
While mine’s in vast array.

Why should I mow these lovelies low,
Defying Sunshine’s ray?
To bring them down the sun might frown,
And turn blue sky to gray.

I’ll let their seeds fallow new weeds
And mow another day.
Resplay they should, the neighborhood.
The Dandelions stay.

So, with deep regret, I must admit that our lawns are sadly and badly in need of mowing for the first time this year, which means the dandelions must go. At least for now.


Ours haven’t shown up yet but I remember being a child and picking them for my Mom….my hands all stained from the stems leaking.
Now I accept them graciously from my children {reminding them not to blow the spent ones in the yard or Dad will kill them) and display them on the kitchen table proudly.
Thanks for reminding me Lynne

Oh you made them so pretty! 

I’d run out and pick some, but alas they have already gone to seed…yeah, I didn’t get them whacked…I mean picked in time! I can be pretty sure there will be more coming. smile

What a beautiful picture !
I recieved my first dandelion bouquet at school yesterday from my little friends in my kindergarten class.  Spring has sprung !

Hi ! I am a new blogger.  I don’t remember where I get your link-probably off someone elses blog.  If I rememer I will let you know !

The ode is lovely.

I’ve always liked the way dandelions look, but after they’ve bloomed and gone to seed (also a very cool look), the leftover tough leaves and hearty stems are not so lovely. I think that’s how they got such a bad rap.

Cat: Yes, they do stain the hands, don’t they? I’m glad you put them proudly on your table!

Susan: I didn’t have to work too hard to make them look good. Just plop them in an antique glass and they do the rest. You weed-whacker, you!

Mitch: Thanks, and welcome!

Reya, glad you enjoyed the ode. Yes, they aren’t very pretty after they are done blooming.

hurrah for dandy lions!
they look great in the green jug

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