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Tuesday, September 14, 2010


Preparations will reach a frenzied peak today as we get ready to leave tomorrow on our big road trip West.

The dogs have been groomed, so they are clean and smell good. I had them booked in at their groomer for yesterday but she called me on Sunday to say that she was very sick with some kind of flu and couldn’t do them. OH NO! Instead of waiting until Monday to call around to see if I could find someone else to groom them, Rick and I pooled our efforts and bathed and blew-dried them all on Sunday afternoon. Of course they are all shedding like crazy. What a mess. But, it’s done.

The fig tree was supposed to go over to my neighbor’s yesterday around early evening but we had a pretty good thunderstorm, so that got delayed until later today. It needs watering every day so Aileen has agreed to care for it. It will stand in her flower bed and should be pretty happy over there.

The dogs know something is up. They were ready to go on Sunday when we cleaned out the Suburban and put their crates in it. At least Alex knows what is coming I think. They are barky and jumpy and they are driving me nuts. The cats will try to hide in the morning and we’ll have to find them, but we know all of eBay’s hiding places and Sam is just too darned big to hide.

Rick caught the cold bug that I had over the weekend and isn’t feeling the greatest. Nothing horrible, just sinus headache and stuffy head, sore throat. It only lasted 48 hours with me, so hopefully he’ll be feeling pretty good tomorrow. I hope so since he is the main driver!

The pool was closed yesterday. Sad, but it was time. Now we don’t have to worry about running the robot all the time just to get up the acorns that have made their way to the bottom. It has its nice cozy winter cover on which should act more like a trampoline for the acorns ... boing!

Mostly I am feeling ready and organized but I know I will have last minute packing anxiety. Not that clothes are hard to figure out at the cabin—nothing fancy required! And no dressing up to go into town either. After all, it is just Laramie.

I will probably blog from the cabin if anyone is interested ...

Lynne Robinson, Hewitt, New Jersey

Bella and Sam ... watching ... waiting ...


I had to go back and sort out which one was “Sam” and which was “Bella” in that picture (not remembering immediately) because Bella is SO big and fluffy post-bath! My two were groomed on Friday and Tosca, 3 1/2, is still young enough that every time she gets a bath she is a BIGGER dog afterwards!  Bella, too!

Eliz, haha! Bella is a big girl to start with and then she carries this enormous coat of hair!

What a gorgeous picture of Bella and Sam.  We have just returned home from a wonderful break in Cornwall.  I hope you all have a lovely holiday.

Have a wonderful and relaxing trip!  Safe travels to you!

I LOVE when you blog from the cabin! PLEASE PLEASE blog!! And I know this is late in your trip and you are probably almost there by now but be safe!!!

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