Monday, September 03, 2012

Ren Faire Day

IMG 6102
This person was pretending to be a mannequin and most people walked right on by without ever realizing she was real. And, yes, I did ask if I could take her photo.

Yesterday we donned our Ren clothes and headed to the Faire. It was the perfect day for it: not too warm, not too humid, not too sunny.

We soon found out that lots of other people thought it was a good day to go as well! The Faire was packed by one hour after opening. For a Sunday this is kind of odd as we’ve found Sunday mornings to usually be slow.

IMG 6068
The Washing Well Wenches doling out their humor. If you go, do not sit in the first two rows or you’ll get wet!

The Faire is set in a beautiful area of Sterling Forest. Somehow where it’s located seems quite apropos, doesn’t it? The grounds are picturesque. This year they even added a new building to the shire.

IMG 6074

We didn’t have breakfast so we knew we wanted to eat before the noon crush. We actually had pretty good food! I had a portobello mushroom burger that had feta cheese and grilled onions and red and green peppers (I only ate a little of the bottom half of the bun) and Rick had a grilled chicken flatbread. The people at our table were eating something extremely yummy looking so I asked them what they had. They were eating a grilled eggplant wrap and one of them had a “Tour of the Mediterranean” salad. Next year I’m getting one of those!

I also did not take my big camera because I didn’t want to make it all about taking photos. I just wanted to have fun, so I popped my tiny point-and-shoot camera into my equally tiny purse that I wear around my waist. I saw a few things I could not pass up so I’m glad I had a camera with me.

IMG 6083
Bodices for sale.

Sometimes when we go there are lots of people dressed up and sometimes there aren’t. Yesterday there were more people in normal clothes than Ren clothes. It seemed to be family day at the Faire with lots of small children and plenty of strollers. I really don’t know what little kids get out of it all. Especially some of the shows which are pretty rife with sexual innuendos. I know they don’t understand it, so I guess they just laugh at the antics. I just hope they don’t start asking, mommy what does that mean????

You see all kinds of outfits at the Faire. Some work, some just don’t. This is one that doesn’t! Maybe it’s the cowboy hat?

IMG 6070

Lot of wings sprouting from peoples’ backs.

IMG 6078

IMG 6097

It doesn’t take much to become a princess. Just wear a cute hat!

IMG 6101

IMG 6103
The beautiful setting of the Sherwood Forest stage.


IMG 6087
A view in to the window of M’Lady’s Panties shop.


IMG 6085

We saw several shows and enjoyed them all. Most of all I love “Hey Nunnie, Nunnie” with its two nuns telling silly Catholic-based jokes. They make me laugh every time. Having been raised Catholic I can certainly relate. Especially when they pull out their ruler and ask if anyone is afraid. Uhm, yes, I am!

We watched these two yell insults at the tomato throwers. One guy got them but good!

IMG 6093

We really enjoyed ourselves this year. Of course, the experience is slightly enhanced if you have a few glasses of wine or beer. Just relax and go with the flow and escape from normal life for day. Might as well enjoy it!

IMG 6119

When we got home we were just hot enough to jump in the pool. The water is a touch on the chilly side, but it felt good. We both swam about 20 lengths of the pool. I think this might be the latest in the year we’ve ever swam before.




Looks like a beautiful setting. I wonder what real people from the Renaissance would say if they came back and saw us all dressed like that, with wings sprouting from our shoulders? I suspect they’d think we were crazy. Or witches!

I think this was fantasy week-end and also the invasion of the barbarians, which would explain all the wings.  Hope you had a great time!

Looks like a fun time, if you like that sort of thing (and I know you do!) Great photos of all those strange people. I like the little princess. All you need is a hat!

Steve, I find the fairies strange!

Maggie, I guess we did see a couple of people with furs wrapped around their bodies, so maybe they were the barbarians.

Bigsis, it is fun but you have to let yourself go and go with the flow. Otherwise it’s not much fun. Glad you liked the strange people. I knew you’d like the princesses! wink

I love the clothes in the first photo.  The young men wear kilts and boots to football matches in Scotland - I kind of like the rugged look, makes a difference to the dressed look.  The fayre sounds a fun day out - a great end to summer.

Joyce, it wasn’t so much his kilt and boots but the cowboy hat on his head! Somehow it just didn’t fit together! smile

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