Friday, February 07, 2014

Rounds Three and Four?

IMG 3209

Round Three seems to be fizzling out. They are now saying we’ll be lucky to get a coating to an inch. That’s fine with me. I’m tired of shoveling the stuff anyhow. They seem to be focused on a yet another storm for mid-week which will probably fizzle out too. Only time will tell!

In the meantime, the snow we have is next to impossible to walk through or on. It’s almost crusty enough to walk on without falling through, but not quite. When I do fall through it’s up almost to my knees in spots. It’s a real workout! Even the dogs haven’t gone very far down into the yard and the snow remains undisturbed and pristine. 

I don’t have much else for you today. Last night, just before I fell asleep, I had a great blog entry formed in my mind, but the night’s strange dreams wiped my mind clean. Maybe it will come back to me. And then again, maybe not.


IMG 3256


Nice shadows!  Especially like the first photo - looks like you have striped snow.  The ‘storm’ for Sunday has definitely fizzled out - just a coating here too.  Thursday might be a different story - although I think it will be mostly rain.  At least I hope so!

I love how you captured the way the snow drifted and especially the shadows on the snow——beautiful! Think about submitting them for publication…

We may get some serious snow Tue-Wed next week, or so they say.  We usually get our biggest snow in Feb, so maybe, here’s hoping…

Hah, you two said pretty much the same thing without knowing it. I just now turned on both comments at the same time. Thanks, glad you liked the photos.

C, they are now saying maybe 2 inches for us on Sunday night/Monday and a snow/wintry mix (hate it!) on Thursday. Too far out yet to really call it.

Don’t you HATE that? I often think of things to blog as I’m going to sleep, and then in the morning it’s all gone. I often suspect that what I think would be a great blog post when I’m falling asleep actually probably ISN’T that great.

Steve, yes! I used to keep a tablet and pen beside my bed but I don’t anymore. I think maybe the best blog posts are not posted but just in our heads. smile

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