Tuesday, June 03, 2014

Tuesday Musings

I have lots of thoughts running around in my head —subjects I want to talk about, but for right now they are not coming out in any kind of pattern that makes any sense. So, I think those posts will have to wait.

Today the pool was opened for the summer season. I love the pool but I dread the next couple of days after opening because it means constantly changing Robby's dirty diaper. One swipe of the bottom and he's full. Not just with sludge, but with nasty things like worms, millipedes and etc. Every 20 mintues or so you'll find me trudging down the stairs to do my duty. (What a whiner!)

It's hot and humid today and it's also the first day for air conditioning! We just had a new unit installed last week, so today's weather is very timely. Our old unit had a frozen coil but they couldn't replace just that because we still had the old freon based coolant, which of course they don't make anymore. 

We have a racoon. We have always wondered why we never had them, but now we know for certain that we do. The infred game camera caught him the other night red-handed. When we first saw something clinging to the tree with creepy glowing eyes and two little ears sticking up we thought maybe we had a resident Ewok. But other shots following it were of a large raccoon. 

I have decided to finally start posting on FaceBook. Yikes, did I really just say that? Me? That hater of all things involving social media? (Social media being one of the topics I want to address.) Maybe I am getting old, but I feel the need to keep in better touch with some people and the easiest way for both of us to do that is to FaceBook. Soon I will post. It might hurt. A lot. So if you want me to "friend" you, let me know. I won't be posting much, just some daily stuff and a link when I blog.

I used to write quite a bit on the blog but somewhere along the way I got lost. I know it's boring when all I do is basically post photographs. I feel my fingers starting to twitch again with untold stories, be they new or old. Only time will tell if I can hold up my part of the bargain. I begin today. Thanks for reading.


Photo: Par-A-Sol hummingbird feeder at the first house in San Miguel.


Love that hummingbird feeder. At first I thought it was a new lantern down by your pool (I’m not good at details, like photo descriptions!) Beautiful!

I’m sure all your cleaning of Robby will pay off in a couple of days, so just think of it as built-in exercise up and down those stairs! Then you get to SWIM!!!!! And float.

Congratulations!  My raccoon must have gotten a travel bug and gone down to your house.  Haven’t seen any sign of raccoons at all this year.  Miss the little guys, but glad they found a new good home!  Love the hummingbird feeder!  Look forward to your stories and seeing you on Facebook!  grin

Bigsis, yes the bigger picture here is the swimming!

C, I don’t really want a raccoon in my yard, they can be so problematic. So, I can send him back your way anytime. Just let me know ... smile

On the contrary, I never find photo posts boring. But of course writing is always welcome too.

You don’t hate social media—you blog! Blogging fits into that category, I think. I actually like Facebook a lot. It’s great to be in touch with so many people from my past.

Steve, yes I guess you’re right! Some social media is okay, but too much is overwhelming with things you don’t really “need to know”.

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