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Thursday, February 14, 2013

Winter Wonderland Morning

IMG 7185


Last night it snowed again. According to the last weather forecast I had seen we were only supposed to get a coating or less. When Rick let the dogs out before we went to bed we were surprised to see them come back in with snow covered backs.

When we turned on the back deck light we could see the huge, fat, wet flakes coming down at what looked to be an alarming rate. Whoa! By the time we turned in there was at least an inch and it was still coming down. Beautiful to watch--coming straight down and huge flakes.

When we looked outside this morning we were both glad to see that it had not done as much as we were thinking it could, and we were left with about two inches of fresh wet snow. It coated everything in sight. I had to be quick with the camera because the minute the sun hit the trees it started to drop off of them in huge clumps.

I loved how the snow coating the branches took the places of leaves, closing in our yard as it does in summer when the leaves are fully out instead of our usual view of bare trees that stretch out and beyond.

IMG 7170

The roadways were clear, the trees coated: a beautiful start to the day.

Who could ask for anything more?



Leaves of Snow



Spring is just around the corner. I think. I hope.  cool hmm

That is a beautiful effect, the way the snow clings to every little twig. I also hope spring is around the corne, though. And my winter hasn’t been nearly as dramatic as yours!

Hubby, yes, it probably is!

Steve, I know. I love this kind of snow. Your winter is different with lots of gray and rain, so just as confining as ours if not as dramatic!

Oooooh how beautiful. We haven’t more than half an inch of snow this winter, and it lasted a couple of hours only. I love your photos. Your camera seems to be doing the job, there is a case for true DSLRs, isn’t there !

Nathalie, thanks for stopping by! Thank you! You take the most amazing photographs—I always thought you were using a DSLR. I’ll be interested to see which camera you choose.

Absolutely enchanting!!! Thanks for the wonderful pics. I can live my winter life through your blog (no snow here, sniff!)

Thanks Bigsis! If I could send you some snow I sure would! I know how much you miss it.

Two absolutely beautiful shots!  Whenever I see the trees covered in snow like this I’m usually in traffic on my way to work…ugh!  We’re expecting something tonight so maybe I’ll get lucky and get out to ‘play’ tomorrow morning!

Helene, thank you! smile I hope you get your snow tonight! For us this storm is not going to do much. But ... that’s what they said the other night too.

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