Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Light up the Night

What a thrill! Our first firefly sighting tonight! I was just thinking a few nights ago that our move here could be deemed perfect if we only had fireflies. I really don’t remember them as a child growing up in the East, or at least they never registered with me. Maybe I took them for granted. Rick and I encountered fireflies when we brought our dog, Indy, back East for some dog shows in Ohio in the mid 90s. We had stopped at a rest stop at night and were completely mesmerized and enchanted by their blinking lights. Since then I have always wanted to live in an area where they have these creatures of wonder. Tonight when Rick got home we sat out on our back deck having a glass of wine. It was about 9:00 p.m. Rick suddenly said, look a firefly! I didn’t believe him, but as I looked up, there it was flashing in amongst the tree tops. So bright! It made my day for sure! As we watched we saw several more sending out their own unique form of Morse code. For me, the message was clear. Welcome.
[Ed. note. Did you know that fireflies are not seen west of a line about mid-Kansas? No one seems to know why.]


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