Sunday, January 07, 2007

Upside down

My bedroom curtains billow out in long, white tails in the soft breeze coming in the windows. The air is warm, but not overly so; and not humid. I go outside in my new-on-my-birthday fleecy flip flops with no jacket or sweater. The grass is green. The sun is shining and its rays are warm. I glance over at our pool and think about taking a swim.


There is something not quite right about this picture I am painting. The pool is still closed up for winter and the trees are bare of leaves. Even though at 67 degrees it feels like Spring, it isn’t. It’s only January. My neighbor told me her spring bulbs are coming up and her forsythia bush has a bloom on it.

My mother-in-law called yesterday morning to, as she put it, rub salt in an already sore wound. It was snowing at her house. Big, fat, fluffly flakes. It had covered the ground and the bushes. However, they live in Las Cruces, New Mexico! They hardly ever get any snow. Has the whole world turned upside down?

My new flag looks kind of silly now.

Lynne Robinson, Hewitt, New Jersey


Welcome, I'm Lynne. You know me better as a 'new' Jersey Girl. But now I've moved once again, this time to North Carolina. Here I write about my thoughts, good food, and of course, dogs.

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