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Dinosaur (photo: one of the dogs' chew toys) Yep, that's me — a dinosaur. Or my blog is I mean. At least that's what Rick tells me. I told him I wasn't going to post updates on FB anymore and he looked at me like I was nuts. Why not? he asked.… Lynne 01/04/23 7 01/11/23
Another One Bites the Dust Another one bites the dust Another one bites the dust And another one gone and another one gone Another one bites the dust.  ~Queen Another year gone. Another Christmas season. Another birthday and finally, at the end of the year, I am a year older, marching steadily onward to that major… Lynne 01/01/23 0
Historic Concord Holiday Home Tour (A cute display window downtown.) December 10th was a busy day in our little town. First there was a holiday Christmas market of local artisans downtown. We drove in and parked and walked the main street. We took Destin with us since he is the best and most well-behaved dog… Lynne 12/21/22 3 12/24/22
Christmas Letter 2022 Christmas 2022 Glad Tidings of the Year! NOTE: To clear up some confusion regarding this blog post, this is the Christmas Letter we sent out with our cards this year. I am reprinting it here on the blog with some added photos. And yes, it is me writing it. 2022 has brought… Lynne 12/15/22 2 12/15/22
Why? Not sure if I can type with my pinky finger bandaged or not but I am going to try. The vegetable peeler mistook my pinky for a carrot. But I'm going to give it a go.  I think the best place to start is with New Jersey. We lived there for… Lynne 12/08/22 2 12/08/22
I Need Your Help! That is, in deciding what the next blog entry will be. I have multiple things running around in my head that I want to write about here but I just can't decide which one should come first. Can you help? Here is a list of things I am thinking about:… Lynne 12/02/22 2 12/02/22
It’s Official! Okay then. Like the title of this entry says "it's official" meaning I am starting up the blog again. I won't be announcing it on FaceBook when I do an entry, so if you want to read you will just have to check back here from time to time to… Lynne 12/01/22 4 12/01/22
My Thoughts That I Should Never Post Nobody reads this dustly old blog anymore anyway. So I decided to post this. If you read this, bless you for caring about this old blog, but please be gentle. I am appalled at our country. What have we become? We are going backwards in time, not forward. We applaud… Lynne 06/26/22 0
One Flew Out of the Phoebe’s Nest Last week I noticed a cute little bird hanging around our front yard. Especially in the morning hours when it would sit perched on one of the stakes that helps to keep our little pear tree upright. And no, it was not a partridge! Sorry, bad joke. I identified it… Lynne 04/17/18 1 04/17/18
This Puppy is a Bitch Now Well, Natalie is in season. Sigh. She's an early bloomer. Most of our females have not come into season until at least (or almost) one year of age. I don't know why but I thought of that old song by Gary Puckett and the Union Gap 'This Girl is a… Lynne 04/15/18 0
France Redux As I sit here in my lovely new home, I am struck by looking around me that we’ve decorated with things we bought while living in France, or things that remind us of France. It didn’t start out that way, just kind of evolved.  Since we moved in we’ve been taking a… Lynne 04/11/18 0
Time to Start Blogging Again? I've been thinking. At first it was just a tiny little seed in my brain telling me that I miss writing. My fingers itch. Whether I am any good at it or not, I'll let you decide. But whether I am good or not is not the issue here. I miss… Lynne 03/26/18 10 04/13/18
Game Camera Clips: Lion vs Moose We just got back from a ten day trip in the RV down to the Gunnison area. (More on the trip to come.) One of the first things we did was retrieve the game camera cards from various cameras we have set up in different spots on our land. It's… Lynne 09/18/17 1 09/18/17
Encounters of the Bear Kind (I am still trying to play catch-up on  my older blog posts!) We have bears up here but we rarely see them. Other people have reported sightings, and we've caught them on our game cameras that are down by the pond but seeing one around the cabin? No, only once… Lynne 09/06/17 1 09/07/17
WANTED: The couple that poached wood from our property I can't quite believe it, but while we were gone for the day yesterday, September 3rd, our neighbor caught someone cutting wood from our property. He did not challenge them because he said they kind of acted like they belonged and thought maybe we had given someone permission to cut.… Lynne 09/04/17 1 09/05/17
The Unexpected Demise of a Pack Rat Ah, pack rat season has begun. Last week there was a little "gift" left for us by the door on the back deck. It always starts this way. A little leaf, a chewed-off flower or maybe a pine cone or some other treasured little piece of pack rat paraphernalia. Sometimes the… Lynne 08/31/17 3 09/05/17
Moose Walk We went for a walk the other day to collect the game camera cards and change them out. As we were walking past the part of the trail through the forest that gives a glimpse of the bog, Rick happened to glance over and said in a hushed voice, moose,… Lynne 08/29/17 1 08/31/17
Ten O’Clock Musings   NOTE: I wrote this a couple of weeks ago and debated about whether or not to publish it, but here it goes! I've got several blog posts pending so I hope over the next few days to wrap those up and get them posted. Laziness. Okay, it's late and… Lynne 08/27/17 1 08/28/17
The Total Eclipse of the Sun sing along with me! <snip>Then you flew your Learjet up to Nova Scotia To see the total eclipse of the sun <snip> "You're so Vain", Carly Simon Well, today we attended one of the greatest free shows on Earth, thanks to the dear old Moon and the Sun being in… Lynne 08/21/17 2 08/22/17
Dinosaur Fossil Cabin Did you know that just a little bit north of Laramie lies one of the greatest and most well-known, important fossil beds for dinosaur bones in the world? It's Como Bluff. I've long wanted to see the Fossil Cabin which lies along the old Lincoln Highway route and was once quite the… Lynne 08/17/17 1 08/17/17
A Quick Trip to the Snowy Range Last weekend, when we had company, we decided on the spur of the moment to drive up to the Snowy Range. It's the closest place we know of to get "up close and personal" with true mountain peaks. This time of year though they aren't quite as "snowy" but still… Lynne 08/12/17 4 08/13/17
A Walkabout I have fallen woefully behind in the blogging department. Back in the day I had my blog a "new" Jersey Girl, which I started mostly for family and friends to read and catch up on our lives there. Turned out that hardly any family members read it, but I had… Lynne 06/26/17 0
One Step Forward, Three Steps Back Sigh. Two weeks ago while on a drive we came across these beautiful harbingers of spring: pasque flowers blooming a tad bit early. How exciting! However since then Spring has been playing a game of hide and seek with us. After we saw the pasque flowers, this came along. A… Lynne 04/09/17 0
Not ALL the Snow is Gone ... Yesterday we donned our snowshoes and went to check out the status of the big drift on Avalanche Slope. There was so much snow we could not snowhshoe around the drift safely, so we went through the woods below instead. In the photo above, there IS a road underneath all… Lynne 03/24/17 0
Looks Like We Made it! "X" marks the spot over our land. The cabin is in the trees to the left. I am being a bit premature here folks, but as Rick's last post indictated, we have made it through our first winter and spring is imminent. We will have a few backsliding moments and… Lynne 03/23/17 0
Early Morning Elk (and Pronghorns) The other day we had to be in town very early for a vet appointment. We left the house at 7:00 a.m. and with Daylight Savings time in place, it wasn't fully light yet. Just as we passed the Wooden Shoe ranch where we pick up our mail, we turned onto… Lynne 03/17/17 6 03/20/17
Receding Snowline Unlike a receding hairline, a receding snowline is exactly what you want to see happening. Finally, the bench makes an appearance for the first time since January, with it's top line sticking out like a row of uneven teeth. And here is what the bench looked like in the Fall.… Lynne 03/15/17 2 03/15/17
Untitled Late February Post Thoughts from Sunday: There is no title for this entry, no real subject matter, so no title either. For two days we've been basically trapped inside these fours walls due to high wind, blowing snow and frigid temperatures. S'no fun folks. We had about 10 inches of fresh new snow on Thursday and… Lynne 02/28/17 4 03/01/17
Road Closure and Updates Hidden Meadows Lane is still closed and it looks like it will be for a while. Some progress has been made however, because a week ago the post on the right was barely sticking up above the snow. There are two other big reasons why the road will remain impassable… Lynne 02/20/17 1 02/21/17
Cloud Study: Iridescence The other day when we were having high winds I noticed this beautiful cloud displaying what's known as iridescence. I quickly grabbed the camera and headed out. Iridescence in clouds is caused by light waves being dispersed as they pass around extremely tiny ice crystals, with the wave lenghts spead out by… Lynne 02/12/17 5 03/05/17
Avalanche Slope Yesterday we donned snow shoes and took Bella and Destin to the bottom (which is what we call Hidden Meadows Lane where it winds between our two pieces of property). This area is also dubbed "Avalance Slope" for reasons that will become obvious as our pictorial goes along. Above is… Lynne 02/02/17 6 02/03/17
Keepin’ On Chimney Rock Yes, we're still here. We've had several people (mostly neighbors up here) get a little nervous about our recent purchase of a new RV. They seem to think we are abandoning ship and heading south for the rest of the winter. Ye of little faith, we are not going… Lynne 01/31/17 9 02/01/17
Meet the New Member of our Family  He/she does not have a proper name as yet but OH MY GOSH. We've gone and done it. We are the proud owners of a new RV. It's a Rockwood Ultra Lite (2304DS), 23 feet long, two slides. From the moment I first stepped inside I had a Lucy and Desi… Lynne 01/29/17 4 02/03/17
Winter So Far Haha, right? But seriously folks, it's kind of restricting with as much snow as we have on the ground. We DID however get out Tuesday and took a very quick trip down to an RV dealer in Loveland, only to find that they really didn't have what we were looking… Lynne 01/26/17 5 01/26/17
My Head’s in the Clouds Rows and floes of angel hair And ice cream castles in the air And feather canyons everywhere I've looked at clouds that way ~taken from Both Sides Now, by Joni Mitchell If you've followed my old blog (a "new" Jersey Girl -- still active) or our new mutual blog you must have… Lynne 01/06/17 4 01/11/17
UnDrifted, Brain Dump & Potatoes Don’t Like Being Frozen We are undrifted! The roads to town are clear (except for a few passable drifts in all the usual spots) and I am feeling human again. We are expecting snow on Christmas Day, but not a lot. Just enough to make it a true White Christmas. The sun is making… Lynne 12/23/16 2 12/23/16
Destin’s Downhill Slalom On the way up. Destin has been known for his death-defying feats since he was just a wee pup. He loves the challenge of climbing UP. Our big drift is developing on Avalanche Slope and Destin couldn't leave it alone. What follows is a photographic journey of what goes up,… Lynne 12/23/16 2 12/23/16
Drifting Along Not our driveway, but Hidden Meadows Ln just past our driveway. Drifting being the main thrust of this post. We are drifted in. Not exactly "snowed in" because with the amount of snow that we got on Friday is not enough to keep us in. No, it's the darned wind… Lynne 12/20/16 3 12/21/16
Heading into Town I thought I would share the sights we saw when we went into town yesterday to pick up a few supplies for the coming cold snap. There is something special about the colors of the West in the transistion of season. The immaure bald eagle again, same spot! And on… Lynne 12/02/16 5 12/04/16
WILD Life It's been a good couple of days for viewing wildlife. I think we are all glad that hunting season in the high country has come to an end. Yay, no more orange! The pronghorn antelope herd that has been living just over the hill from us is pictured above, obviously… Lynne 11/25/16 1 11/25/16
We Pretty Much Got What We Asked For WARNING! PHOTO DENSE POST! It snowed all day on Thursday amounting to about 5 inches of fresh snow, which is just what they predicted. It came down without wind (thank god) and pretty much stuck to everything. It wasn't the world's prettiest snow to watch falling—the flakes were tiny, but dense.… Lynne 11/20/16 3 11/20/16
Be careful what you wish for: Weather Forecast Severe Weather Alerts - Laramie, WY Special Weather Statement Special Weather Statement in effect until 4:00 PM MST. Source: U.S. National Weather Service ...FIRST WIDESPREAD ACCUMULATING SNOW OF THE SEASON LIKELY ON THURSDAY AND THURSDAY NIGHT... A STRONG PACIFIC STORM SYSTEM WILL MOVE OVER THE ROCKIES AND HIGH PLAINS EARLY… Lynne 11/15/16 0
Ready!Set!Winter? Home Sweet Home We think we are ready: Wood all cut, split and stacked.? CHECK. Woodshed painted? CHECK. Winter tracks on the Ranger? CHECK. Small shed insulated? CHECK. T@B stowed away in her winter slot for better driveway access in snowy conditions? CHECK. Rick's snowshoe stitched back up after varmit gnawed… Lynne 11/14/16 5 11/14/16
Magical Morning Yesterday morning was a bit magical. We had rain and a little bit of snow overnight. Not much, just enough to make the ground crunchy. As we sat drinking our coffee a big bank of fog rolled in and enveloped the cabin like a white fluffy cocoon. That good old… Lynne 11/03/16 4 11/09/16
Clouds: Going and Coming I hope you share my fascination with cloud formations because otherwise this will be boring for you! First photo was taken this morning on our way in to town to pick up the Ranger with its winter tracks. I love the con trail that looks like a zipper, and well,… Lynne 10/27/16 4 10/29/16
Smoke From a Sage Fire "Girl your eyes have a mist from the smoke of a distant fire." ~taken from the song "Smoke From a Distant Fire. I promised I would share my "sage smoke" experience with you but how can I tell you about something that I can't really completely remember? I think the… Lynne 10/23/16 4 10/24/16
Destin: 7 Months Destin continues to grow ... and grow! When we weighed him a week and a half ago he weighed in at 75 lbs. and I think he's had a growth spurt since then. He's taller than Hailey now, his head and bone are both bigger than hers. He still has… Lynne 10/21/16 2 10/21/16
A Strange Couple of Days Rain makes itself heard. It beats a staccato on the roof. It taps against the windows. It plunks itself into puddles. But snow ... ah, snow. Snow makes no noise. It arrives stealthily in the night, falling ever so softly to the ground, wrapping everything in a soft coccon of… Lynne 10/19/16 4 10/21/16
Just Clouds The other day thanks to high winds aloft, the clouds were pretty spectacular.  I have been just posting my photos to Facebook without doing an OtG entry for them, but then you blog readers and non-Facebook folks never see them. So today begins the change! If you don't mind too… Lynne 10/11/16 1 10/11/16
It’s Snow Fun! Destin: "lickety" split through the snow. The dogs love snow. So, basically this is just a post with photos of dogs enjoying the fresh snow that we got a few days back. Well, okay, and one gratuitous pic of aspens! Good smells! Scary Destin. Bella. Hailey. Lynne 10/09/16 4 10/17/16

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