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Meet du Coeurs Accidentaly Bodacious

dog images
Demetux Anchors Aweigh x du Coeurs Millenia v J & Ns

Here I am at three weeks of age. Mom calls this my “Playgirl Pin-Up” pose!

Click to see Bode’s Pedigree

A bit about Bode…Bode was born January 29, 2002. He and his sister Daisy were an “oops” breeding between Sailor and Millenia. He was born in the back of the car on the way to the vet. We were on our way because he was stuck in the birth canal. We could see his little pink nose but he wasn’t budging. As you can tell by his baby photos, he was an adorable, happy bundle of fur. We were going to grow Bode out and place him if he didn’t turn out to be a show dog, but we just couldn’t do it. He has stayed on as a member of our family even though he is not a show dog. He is a sweet, lovable goof.

Bode at Six Weeks

Hey, don’t laugh; I am NOT wearing a toupee, this is just the way my hair is!

dog images

dog images

Bode at Seven Weeks

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Bode at Two Years

dog imagesdog images

See Page 3 to watch Bode GROW from a puppy into this handsome young dog!

Bode running through the snow at the cabin.

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Bode with new sister Hailey.

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Posted by Lynne on 08/03/2004 at 09:54 AM

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