Rosewood Full Monty du Coeur (Monty)

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Monty was an Indiana grandson that came to join our crew a few years ago. He lived with us for a couple of years, then went to live with a fantastic couple in Greeley. We all loved him very much.

He was a bit of a clown. A “goofy” dog in the best possible way. He had a lot of Monty-specific habits and behaviors that made him special and unique.

Unfortunately, Monty died at 3-years old due to complications from surgery. He had eaten a toy and it had to be removed. The loss of Monty affected us all very deeply and we really miss him and the joy he brought to his two sets of owners.

Here he is as a puppy with a leaf stuck to his chin.

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Monty was a great package. He had a great head, good bone, great movement, and good markings. His temperment was wonderful. He was always happy. He loved to meet new people and he was constantly bringing us toys.

Here is Monty at about 4-months old.

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Monty was a Dalmation for Halloween one year. He loved his costume and did very well in it, except for stepping on his ears.

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Monty had a great time during his first snow. He was born in Pheonix, Arizona and never experienced cold weather, especially snow. But, Bernese Mountain Dogs love the snow.

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The snow would ball up and stick to his soft puppy coat. As he walked around and played, he kept accumulating more and more snow under his belly.

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Posted by Rick on 07/28/2004 at 12:54 PM

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