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Meet Demetux Back to the Future

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CH J and N’s Nick at Nite x Sommerfeld’s Demure Debutante OFA Good Hips; OFA Elbows Normal OFA 11954G29M-PI/EL4367M29-PI

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a bit about Alex…Alex was born October 24, 2002. Alex is an Indy grandson. He was not supposed to come home with me, but I fell in love with him. We decided to name him “Alex” after his great-grandfather Alex v Wildmannsgraben. He is a funny dog that is always doing something to bring a smile to our faces or just outright laughter. For some of his amusing antics click here to see silly photos of him. He loves to “talk” which includes anything from just plain barking to little grumbly noises. He likes to stick his head and body in and underneath things (i.e. our bed covers, rugs, empty boxes, empty bags of dog food).

Alex has grown into a handsome young boy and is still maturing. He was shown very little in 2004 and received 4 points. This year at the competitive show cluster in Denver, he was Winner’s Dog the first day for 2 points, and the second day went Winner’s Dog and Best of Winners for a 4 point major. The third day he was shown he was Reserve Winner’s Dog. (Click to see a photo of Alex’s major win). He will be shown more agressively this year.

Alex at 8 Weeks

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dog images

Alex at 21 Months (taken July 2004)

dog imagesdog images
dog images

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Posted by Lynne on 08/09/2004 at 03:58 PM

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