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Old photos of Rick's side of the family.

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Chuckwagon James Thomas Hart's Chuckwagon This text is written (by my mother) on the back of the photo: 06 Ranch, near Slayton, TX James Thomas Hart's chuckwagon on a trail drive. This was the first chuckwagon built. He designed and built it and it was used on the Goodnight Trail drives also. He looks to be in the 40's or 50's and died in 8-1936 0 12/21/2004

Chuckwagon Photo James Thomas Hart's Chuckwagon 0 12/21/2004

Mama Hart's Parents Rick's great-great grandparents. According to my mother: My cousin says the people in the picture are Mama Hart's parents, your great great grandparents. Her name was Mackey Malcom Waller born 2-22-1854 died 11-26-1935 and his, John Robert Waller born 3-10-1840. 0 12/21/2004

Four Generations Left-to-right: Mary Ann Faver - Grandmother (not sure of spelling) Mary Abbott Sides - Daughter of Nannie Abbott, Mother of Gladys Sides Hart Gladys Sides Hart - (Rick's Grandmother on Mother's side) Nannie Abbott Made in about 1906 0 12/21/2004

Family Photo Mary Ann Faver, Nan Jane Abbott, Ralph Abbot, Silas Abbott (ca. 1906) 1 12/21/2004

Gladys' Graduation Gift Rick's Grandmother, Gladys, received this for High School graduation. It reads: "Recipe For a Successful Day" Take a dash of water cold And a little leaven of prayer, A little bit of sunshine gold Dissolved in the morning air; Add to your meal some merriment And a thought for kith and kin; And then [as a] prime ingredient A plenty of work thrown in [Put?] spice it all with the essence of love and a little whiff of play; Let a wise old book and a glance above Complete a well spent day. 2 12/21/2004

Gladys Sides Hart and Ethel Sides Covery, sisters (1909) The "sisters" photo of Gladys and Ethel was taken in about 1909 at the "Novelty Studio, 112 Main Street, Taylor, Texas" 0 12/21/2004

Gladys Sides Baby Photo Rick's Grandmother, Gladys, baby photo. 0 12/21/2004

Hart's Dry Goods Store Gladys and Nolan Hart's dry good store in Ruidoso, NM. Christmas, 1964. 0 12/21/2004

James Thomas And Pearl Hart James Thomas and Pearl Hart (1894) 0 12/21/2004