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Archives of photos taken of mushrooms around the mountain cabin, most in 2004 and 2005.

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Amanita Muscaria Also known as Fly Agaric or Fly Amanita. This mushoom is quite poisonous. Photo taken by Rick on 7/24/2004. 1 05/24/2005

Unidentified This unidentified mushroom was quite prolific in 2004. It grew through most of the summer. This photo was taken by Rick on 7/24/2004. 0 05/24/2005

Unidentified Still unidentified. If these are around in 2005, I'll do a more rigorous job in attempting to identify. 0 05/24/2005

Suillus Tomentosus This beautiful yellow-ish mushroom is also known as a "poor man's slippery jack". Supposedly edible, but not very good. 0 05/24/2005

Suillus Tomentosus Note this mushroom has "pores" instead of "gills" underneath. This is from the family of mushrooms called boletes. 0 05/24/2005

Another Suillus Tomentosus Note how the suillus tomentosus bruises a greenish-blue when scratched or bruised. Photo by Rick on 7/24/2004. 0 05/24/2005

Possible Leucopaxillus Amarus I never did identify this mushroom with absolute certainty. They were very prolific throughout the summer and grew quite large. If it is a laucopaxillus amarus, it is inedible. 0 05/24/2005

Leucopaxillus Amarus ? Another example of a possible leucopaxillus amarus. These photos were taken by Rick on 7/24/2004. 0 05/24/2005

Unidentified Photo by Lynne on 7/24/2004. Unidentified mushroom. Small, about the size of a silver dollar. It was coated with a wet slippery surface. 0 05/24/2005

Unidentified but Beautiful Photo by Lynne on 7/24/2004. 0 05/24/2005