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Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Happy Birthday, Dad!

On Friday, after Thanksgiving, Lynne and I loaded up the Suburban and took off for Las Cruces, New Mexico to help celebrate my father’s 80th birthday. His birthday is officially on November 30th, but Mom planned a “fiesta” celebration for him on Saturday. And, she did a great job. About 40 or so people showed up for food and drink, an Indian flautist and a mariachi band.

It takes about 12-13 hours to drive straight through. It is an easy trip though—725 miles straight down I25.

The trip was worth it. It was great to see my parents, my sister and many other family members that I had not seen since my sister’s wedding 8 years ago.

We came back, again in a single day, on Monday the 28th.

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Monday, January 10, 2005

Rick’s Family Site

Today, I am introducing a new part of this web site. Over the past couple of years, I’ve collected a number of photos, letters, newspaper clippings and other “memorabilia” associated with my family on my mother’s side. I’m going to start publishing a lot of that to this web site. It will likely be of most interest to my immediate family, but others may enjoy browsing through it. And, historians or geneologists may get some use of it.

I’m starting this section with a post that I got double-spaced type-written among a bunch of other stuff from my mother. She has never seen or read it before, so we don’t know exactly who wrote it or why.

It is an amusing write-up of a parade and barbeque that locals in Ruidoso, New Mexico hosted to help celebrate the quarto-centennial of the state of New Mexico. That was in 1940, and it was called the Coronado Celebration in order to commemorate the opening of the Coronado State (National?) Monument that year.

Bill Hart, who ends up doing the barbeque, was my maternal grandfather’s brother—a local Ruidosoan who created and ran the local electrical utility at that time.

To read the story, click on “More…” below. To view old photos (and family members feel free to leave comments!) click here.

Have fun!


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