Sunday, July 11, 2010

11 July 2010

The big “Thunder in the Highlands” fireworks display, rescheduled for the 9th because of a supposedly rogue bear, still did not take place because of dry weather. On the 10th, it rained 2.3 inches here at the house!

The bear story is sad. The official story is that a bear in the old Jungle Habitat grounds pushed a man to the ground and mauled his dog while they were taking a walk. This caused the whole park area to be closed and the fireworks postponed. They caught and killed the bear letting “nature take it course” (an actual quote) on the 3 cubs left behind. We suspect the man was walking the dog off lead, the dog (perhaps just out of curiosity) chased or got too close to a cub and mama bear did her protective thing. Sad to kill an animal and leave her three cubs to die naturally in the wild just because she was doing what come naturally and what any mother would do to protect her children from a perceived threat.

Canoe out early this a.m. Now headed to Warwick for the Sunday market in Mia.

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Posted under: Stuff You Gotta Know! • by Rick on 07/11/2010 at 07:32 AM
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  1. Rick- I hadn’t heard they’d captured her, only that they wanted to.  :(

    I WAS happy to hear the the man with the dog was HEAVILY fined for having him off the leash.

    I couldn’t agre with your more that this momma was only doing what was natural.

    Posted by .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)  on  07/15/2010  at  07:13 AM

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