Wednesday, September 02, 2009

1st Day On the Road

Today is our first day on the road to the cabin. We did a bit North of 700 miles today—ending up in Elkhart, Indiana. We love to stay at the Ramada on the South side of I80 at exit 92. They take the dogs, there is a phenomenal dog-walking area, and there is a Bennigan’s on site. So, it is easy for us to get off the Interstate, check in, unload the cats and get them fed and watered and kitty-boxed (after all, they spent about 12 hours in their crates), walk the dogs, settle into the room, order dinner from Bennigan’s, relax, walk the dogs again (please poop! pleeeaaase poop!), and get a good night’s sleep.

The weather was beautiful with no wind and no rain. Filled up with gas once in Clarion, PA. About 15 mpg is not bad for the Suburban with the Yakima pod and a huge cooler on top. We’ll need gas here before we leave in the morning.

Someone tried to call my cell three times today, but no message. If you want to contact us, please leave a message because our cell phone coverage is spotty! (Although this is being sent via a cell phone connection….)

More tomorrow….

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Posted under: Cabin News • by Rick on 09/02/2009 at 06:50 PM
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