Tuesday, September 07, 2004

Agaricus Silvicola—For Breakfast

There were fewer mushrooms at the cabin than we expected on Labor Day weekend. Still, Lynne found a patch of these beautiful agaricus silvicola.

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We chopped this one up and had it as a part of a bacon and cheese omelette on Sunday morning. For another photo, click “More…”

Agaricus mushrooms are common on the land. There are one or two that should be avoided. And, you need to be absolutely sure that you haven’t picked an amanita. But, with a little practice and study, as well as getting confirmation on identification from an expert, it doesn’t really take long to be able to identify the agaricus. Most are mild in flavor, yet tasty when sauteed in a little bacon fat and added to a dish. The common “button mushroom” you find in the grocery store is a type of agaricus.

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Note the detached pink gills in the young specimen. These will turn chocolate brown with age. The spore print is also chocolate brown. This particular variety stains yellow where bruised on the cap. It has a wonderful odor of anise and almond.

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