Monday, November 01, 2004

Another Christmas Idea

Here is another great Christmas idea—and, one of the hottest “gadgets” of this Christmas season—a satellite radio receiver.

I just bought a Sirius Satellite Radio receiver along with docking stations for the car and the cabin. The hardware is pretty cheap, and you must subscribe to the service by paying a subscription fee—kind of like cable TV.

There are two choices for satellite radio systems: XM and Sirius. After investigating both I chose Sirius because of the diversity of music, NPR, and NFL games. There are about 60 channels of non-commercial music, plus plenty of news, information, weather, talk, sports, etc.

Satellite radio gives you access to all these channels anywhere in the continental US. So, our music choices at the cabin which were country, country, NPR and more country, now include many alternatives.

Check out for more information on Sirius.

I bought my stuff at Best Buy, who carries both XM and Sirius systems.

If you travel a lot and want consistent access to music, news, weather, etc. Or, if you have a remote mountain cabin, or even want more music variety right in town, check out satellite radio as a Christmas idea.

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