Thursday, September 26, 2013

Cabin Day 6, 2013

First, let me catch you up on yesterday, since that day's post was not about our daily activities, but rather our history with Sand Creek Park. In summary: we walked down to the beaver pond and allowed Bella to "swim". We finished the donut puzzle. We visited a dear friend in the Park that had lost her husband earlier this year. It was so good to see her, but so sad her husband was not also there to visit. We had leftover stew for lunch and Buffalo Thigh Sliders for dinner. We watched Survivor live on TV and munched on some popcorn. During the day, we got a full equalization charge on the batteries. This is a "super charge" that literally boils the acid-water in the batteries to restore them. It should be done monthly, but we try to get it done once a year while we are up here. It had been over 450 days since the last equalization! This means our batteries are in good shape, will probably charge fully by noon today, and that's good given the weather forecast. Now, on to today's news:

We had frost over night. It was 27° when I got up around 6:30. The dew point was 25°, so there was a light fog everywhere that quickly burned off when the sun came out. Today is supposed to be nice weather, turning cloudy and "breezy" later with the possibility of rain or snow overnight. Tomorrow, not so nice with cloudy skies and continued rain.

It was a mostly lazy day. The cold start turned into a wonderful September day in the Colorado high country. No wind. Temperatures in the high 60s. Sunny and bright. 

We were lazy and did frozen corn dogs for lunch. Well, we didn't eat them frozen, they were baked. A fun lunch without a lot of effort. 

I washed all the windows inside and out, they get that once a year. And, I noticed the window in our bedroom that we replaced recently is broken. Not sure what to do about that. It is not the glass that is broken, but the hinge system on which the window is mounted allowing it to be cranked open and closed.

We drove around a bit, but are saving long drives for next week when we think the aspen trees will be more changed. We drove down to the beaver dam on Sand Creek and Lynne took some great pictures.

We also gathered some wood from the meadow for tomorrow, given the weather forecast of rain and possible snow by morning

Fajitas for dinner. Yum. There is nothing like Woody's barbeque sauce to make a fajita marinade (combine it with some water and lime juice). Watched Project Runway on TV, and now it is time for bed.

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