Monday, September 27, 2010

Cabin Visit 2010 - Day 11

I slept in a bit this morning. Lynne got up and fed the dogs. I got up and had some coffee but was so groggy I laid back down for a while. Must have been the cognac wink Two dogs joined me and we had a nice early morning nap.

Once I was up we took the dogs for a walk “around” so Lynne could see the work I’d done to groom the trail. Of course, the better job I do, the less noticeable it should be. She did comment that I did *not* cut a path through a large Aspen tree that has fallen close to picnic rock. Maybe I’ll give that a shot later. It will be a big job since the log is big and is laying in a way that it has tension on it.

After our walk, it was chore time! We replaced a rail on the fence by the entry, I washed all the windows in and out. I got the small chain saw running by replacing the gas with fresh. I took down some wires we had running to antennae on the roof—we don’t need them any more and one was broken anyway.

Corn dogs for lunch.

After all the chores in the morning, it was a lazy afternoon. Lynne made a dessert for Tuesday night when we will have company as well as a 24-hour Layered Salad which we’ll have for lunch for the rest of our stay.

I read for a while and then Larry & Donna came over to chat. Donna brought us some pastries she makes—I can’t spell the name—but they are like a donut and are delicious. So, that is breakfast tomorrow.

We had hamburgers for dinner again, and they were just as delicious as last week. There is something about the quality and flavor of the ground beef here that is superior to New Jersey (who gets the edge on seafood!)

After dinner we took a short drive looking for moose or elk. No moose, but we did see a herd of 21 elk down by Sand Creek in the pasture around Jack’s Cabin. It was getting pretty dark by then, so I don’t know if Lynne got good photos. And, the elk were very spooky (who wouldn’t be as we enter hunting season), so they ran down to the shelter of the creek after a minute. Still, it was great seeing some wild life (other than Ed) up here.

I watched the new “Robin Hood” movie on DirecTV, while Lynne napped on the couch and we were off to bed around 10:30.

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