Friday, October 01, 2010

Cabin Visit 2010 - Day 12 & 13

I’ve fallen a bit behind in documenting our daily activities, so will try to catch up in this post.

On Wednesday (day 12) we took a walk to the bottom with the dogs, then put them in the cabin, and walked to a neighboring parcel where there is an old cowboy or shepherds cart as well a a cabin. Lynne took photos, and she has posted about them on her site. There is also an amazing old tree there that I called “Old Grand Dad” that must be several hundred years old. It is bent and gnarled and broken, but still going.

After that we spent the day around the cabin reading and taking it easy. I must have done some chores, but can’t think what now wink Oh, yeah. I attempted to sharpen the chain saw, but it needs professional help.

Salad for lunch.

We had leftover lasagna for dinner and we watched Survivor on TV with a nice fire in the fireplace.

On Thursday, we had a hearty breakfast (poached eggs on toast with hash browns) and then we took the dogs to the bottom and then left them in the cabin while we hiked the property lines. I have each corner stored on a GPS, and we use that to go from corner to corner. We can’t always go in a straight line, but the goal is to stay as close to the property boundary as possible and find each corner—most have survey stakes to mark them. It is a total of 2.25 miles and mostly up and down and trekking through dense forest. It is a beautiful hike though and takes us to parts of our property that are mostly inaccessible and that we do not otherwise see. By the time we get home we are scratched, muddy, and have legs like rubber.

After the long trek, all we want to do is take a shower and take it easy—sort of a theme lately. I did work on the gutters some.

The Zaffino’s came over mid-afternoon for a nice chat. Larry came over to review the clear cut area and talk about the logs that he will remove.

Dinner was awesome grilled rib eye steaks with baked potatoes and s’mores for dessert. We did not turn on the TV that I recall, instead we chatted, read and went to bed. It was cool overnight and the furnace ran a couple of times. Bella was antsy and finally settled down on the bed—but that makes it hard for us to be comfortable and sleep well.

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