Saturday, September 25, 2010

Cabin Visit 2010 - Day 8

We arrived a week ago today. Time is warped up here. When we first arrive after a day or two I think that the time will pass so slow and it really is a long time in the future before we have to leave. Then, each day ticks by and before you know it, we are halfway through the visit, time is flying by and it will only be a few days before we have to pack up and leave.

Had muffins for breakfast and then took the dogs on a long walk up “poop hill”—repeating what we’d done the day before since Lynne had lost a lens cap from her camera and we thought maybe we’d find it if we took the same path. The wind was blowing pretty hard, but that did not stop us or the dogs. And, we did find the lens cap!

It was too windy to do much outside, so we stayed in most of the day. Lynne did some laundry and washed undies (they dry really fast on the line with the sun and wind). We worked on the puzzle some. Read some. Leftover chicken and potato salad for lunch.

MId-afternoon we went over to the Willets’ place to see how it is coming along. It will be very nice and we can tell they are proud of it. They have wonderful 360 degree views and a comfortable cabin. We look forward to seeing them again before we go.

I slow-cooked baby back ribs for dinner, so we ate kind of late. But, they were delicious. Lynne made some cole slaw and deviled eggs. And, for dessert we had some gooey brownies that I had made earlier in the day.

It was cool enough to have a fire in the fireplace. And, even if it wasn’t, we were determined to have a fire. We sat and watched the fire for a long time and then around 10:00 we went to bed. I love to lay in bed and watch the firelight flickering on the logs of the cabin.

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