Thursday, December 22, 2005

Christmas at the Cabin, Day 1

It is about 1:15 p.m. and we are settled in at the cabin. Sam knocked the phone off the night stand (his version of a wake-up call) this morning about 6:30. So, we got up and started the day. We loaded the coolers, the pod on the truck, 3 cats and seven dogs in the Suburban. By 9:15 we were packed and pulling out of the driveway.

We stopped at MacDonalds for a breakfast sandwich, as is our custom when leaving early for the cabin. I had a sausage biscuit with egg and cheese, Lynne had an egg mcmuffin. We had to stop for gas, too. So, Lynne went in King Soopers for Starbucks Latte’s while I gassed up. We get a 10 cent discount there. We were on our way out of town by 9:45.

The drive was a bit stressful. First, there was a lot of wind and crosswinds in Wyoming are not fun! And, Sailor gets really scared in the truck for some reason. We put up a barrier so he can’t jump over the seat and get on the floor next to Lynne, but he busted through that. He sits and shakes and his eyes are huge and scared. We don’t know what happened to make him so scared of riding in the back of the truck.

We came in by Sportsman Lake Road. It is in pretty good shape. There is some mud in places where the snow is melting.

We arrive in Sand Creek Park about 11:15 and stopped in at the Martin’s to check in. Larry had openned our road for us this morning. We traded some small Christmas gifts and then come on in to the cabin. Larry had done a great job and it was an easy trip in.

I was amazed to see that the batteries were fully charged. Last weekend, less than a week ago, they were down by about 500 amp-hours—almost empty! And, it has not been very sunny. But, the wind is blowing and, I guess, has been for a couple of days. So, I was afraid we’d arrive to find an electricity deficit and we are actually in good shape—even after running the heater for a long while to warm up the cabin.

Lynne started a fire in the wood stove. Then we unloaded the truck and unpacked everything. We then took the dogs for a short walk to the “bottom” down by Bart’s Creek. The snow is pretty deep so we made Millenia stay behind. After our walk we put out bird food and the chickadees and nuthatches are already busy!

The wind is really blowing! Probably 40 to 50 mph out in the open. But, it is warm, about 39°, and partly cloudy.

We’ve settled on chile for dinner.

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