Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Christmas at the Cabin, Day 11, Part Two

After our walk “around” this morning, Lynne made some Salmon Tartare which we ate on toast as a lunch/snack. It was, as usually, excellent. And, we drank a bottle of Chateau-Grillet wine with it. This is a very fascinating wine. It has its own appellation controlée in France. In other words, there is only one vintner for this wine! And, it is a while wine from the area of the Rhone valley that is famous for hearty red wines. Lynne bought six bottles of the 1990 vintage back in 1992. We were going to drink one bottle every Christmas for 6 years, but ended up not following that tradition. We still have three bottles left…well, two now. It was a fantastic wine given it is a white wine that is 16 years old! Yum.

I drove over to Larry and Donna’s to make sure they knew we were staying an extra day, that we did not need help getting out, and to pay for getting us in last week.

The wind was not too bad today and we just had a lazy day around the cabin.

I started preparing the Beef Bourguignon a little after noon and it cooked all afternoon at a simmer on the wood stove. We had an early dinner of the beef with some roasted potatoes and drank a 1991 Drouhin Pinot Noir from Oregon. The story behind this wine is fascinating, but I won’t go into that here. The short version is that a pinot noir wine from the Wilamette valley in Oregon, once beat our some of the most famous pinot noir wines from the Burgundy region of France. The Drouhin family, was open-minded enough to realize that there may be a similar terroir in Oregon the Burgundy, and bought some land and began making this wonderful pinot noir there. Since then, this area of Oregon has become very famous for its wines.

We watched the news, a movie, and then went to bed. The wind blew hard all night long.

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