Thursday, September 22, 2011

Day Seven 2011 Cabin Trip (Wed)

Okay, I’m already starting to lose track of time, so will note that it is Wednesday in the title of this post.

As you saw from the previous post, the truck is fixed. That is a huge relief.

Ron is coming up on Friday to finish some work he started last year, and to “consult” with us on how to plug the gaps where the chimney meets the logs and where the pack rats are getting into the fireplace area. (We still can’t figure out how they are getting into the cabin itself.)


So, we will likely go into Laramie tomorrow, Thursday, for the “big shop” that will last us through the rest of the trip. We have a pretty good list of the non-grocery items we need (including more rat poison), but today we need to put together a detailed list of groceries based on the recipes we’ve selected for the next 10 days or so.

Last year, we blogged a lot about the beetle kill pine in our area. The pine forests throughout Colorado and most of the West have been devastated by the beetle. Here is a photo of what you DON’T want to see as you walk around:


You can see the tiny bits of tree sap that have oozed out of the tree where a beetle has bored in. This is a sure sign of an infection, and within a year or two the tree dies. First it turns orange because the pine needles are still on it and they are orange. But, after they fall off, the tree is gray. Finally, the wind blows it down.


We did a walk “around” this morning so Bella got her swim. Now, it is time to clean up the cabin some, clean up ourselves, and then I think we will have a leisurely day around the cabin, probably working on a puzzle.

More later, I’m sure.

It is later, and a quick update. We did, in fact, start on a puzzle. We took a short drive around the neighborhood—not much has changed. The land owners association has worked on some of the roads and likely wasted some money. They have graded some roads to “improve” them and make them less likely to accumulate snow, but they are either roads that go nowhere (no properties adjacent to them), or are never used in the winter anyway because there are better paths. Oh well, government waste is everywhere I guess wink

We had Memom’s macaroni for dinner and then actually watched a couple of hours of TV before settling in to bed.

I’m writing this on Thursday morning. We’ve just gotten up, fed the dogs and cats, started coffee percolating, and we will soon prepare for a trip into town!

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