Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Day Thirteen, Tuesday

Last night was interesting. Two people and two dogs extra in the cabin. Our cats were “off” their routine, but the dogs did well. We all slept pretty well, perhaps because of the wonderful food, conversation, wine and poetry from the night before.

Once on our feet, we took a walk to the pond where Bella had her usual swim and the Golden “Tricksie” (help me out with the spelling, Linda) had her inaugural swim. They were cute. Bella is a bit of a bully, wanting to chase and play but not realizing that she outweighs the Golden by two times.

Lunch was “Adult Hot Dogs”. Phil and Linda left around 1:00 and we did a few chores then tackled what turned out to be a relatively easy jig-saw puzzle.

I guess my post from a few days ago about the potential waste of land-owner money by grading roads that never get used was noticed by some landowners. I’m flattered that they read my blog. I’m a bit surprised by the response, because I got a visit from a board member wanting to know more specifically what I was talking about and wanting to explain why the grading took place. I think this is a bit of overreaction to a minor point in by blog post, but the board seems to be extremely sensitive to any kind of adverse comments or feedback—and, I don’t blame them, they get a lot of criticism and it would be a hard job trying to keep everyone happy.

Even after an explanation, which made no sense to me (something about in order to maintain access to certain association properties from forest roads they need to grade the interior roads on my property, even if they were in perfectly good shape?), I still don’t think the work needed to be done. But, hey, if it was sanctioned and approved by the association membership at an annual meeting, go for it. wink I now have wonderfully graded roads on my land.

I can still have my personal opinion. (I think. I hope.)

Since this is my personal blog, I have no problem writing about my personal feelings, opinions and ideas and am really surprised by the emotional response it evoked.

Anyway, local petty politics aside, here are some photos from the day that reflect the real reason we love it up here and wish it could always remain this beautiful:

Testing the Water


Cabin Entry



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