Saturday, September 17, 2011

Day Three 2011 Cabin Trip

I hate pack rats. I don’t mean people who tend to accumulate lots of useless junk, I mean the rodent they are named for. We have them up here and they are a real pain.

Apparently, over the past week, a pack rat has somehow figured out how to infiltrate the cabin. Our friends who came over to fire up the propane fridge found the place a mess. Stuff knocked off the counters and rat crap everywhere. The smell is terrible.

They cleaned up really well, so when we arrived we could hardly tell. But, it is obvious we now have a rat problem. I got some poison in Laramie and have placed it in places the dogs and cats can’t reach. There is a nest in the fireplace behind the rock chimney but inside the “walls” of the chimney. We are afraid to light a fire! We found a place outside where the masonry has chipped away and that is how they got in. Maybe that is how they got in the house too, don’t know.

Anyway, we left Grand Island, Nebraska around 6:15 this morning and the trip in went pretty much the way it always does—Laramie by noon and then a couple of hours of shopping. We had to hit three stores before we got everything we needed for the first few days (people food, supplies, animal food, wine, …)

It rained a bit, so it is cool and damp. The fire in the stove feels good and the heater is working fine, so we will be comfortable.

The dogs remember everything and are constantly wanting outside to roam about.

The TV is working. And, it took several hours on the phone to support techs (in India) but now the satellite internet is working too (else you would not see this!)

Lynne will post about the big mushroom. Watch for it wink

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