Monday, July 04, 2011

Get Your Goat, Part 2

The goat ribs were so successful the other day that we decided to try something else this weekend. We bought a goat shoulder at the farmers’ market in Warwick last weekend and then followed a recipe for Goat Tacos yesterday.

The 2-1/2 pound shoulder was slowly braised in a red sauce made up of reconstituted dried Guajillo and Ancho chilis, fresh tomatoes, garlic, bay, clove, oregano, salt and pepper. This took about 3-1/2 hours, but resulted in meat that was packed with flavor and a wonderful red chili sauce. We then put the meat in a corn tortilla and garnished the taco with avocado, farmer’s cheese, salsa verde, and sour cream. Oh, and some corn on the side.

Here is a photo of the shoulder (I am pulling the meat off the bones so it can cook a few minutes stirred into the sauce), as well as the finished tacos.

IMG 4272

IMG 4279

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Posted under: Food and Cooking • by Rick on 07/04/2011 at 05:31 AM
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  1. Rick, I must say I’m VERY impressed with the originality of your recipe!  Goat tacos, brilliant!  They look like they turned out amazing.  I’ve experimented with cooking lots of different taco fillings in the past but I never thought of using goat. 

    Anyway, from one chef to another I wanted to give you my compliments.

    Posted by Chef Chris  on  11/16/2011  at  11:51 AM

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