Monday, November 15, 2010

Great Migrations

Are you guys watching Great Migrations? It is a new documentary on the National Geographic channel.

Tonight we watched the “making of” episode. While all of the slow motion shots you see throughout the show were shot on a Phantom HD, they focused on the camera during the shots of the Zebras and Cheetahs. All throughout the “background” filming of the (very frustrated) cameraman for 24 days, you can clearly see the Phantom HD label and the Phantom logo on the camera he is using. Not to reveal too much ... the baby cheetah lives ...

Phantom cameras are designed and manufactured by the company I work for—Vision Research. And, we are proud of the shots that Nat Geo was able to get over a 3-year period using our Phantom HD camera. And, our high-speed technology was just awarded an Emmy for broadcast technology used to bring you the ultra-slow-motion shots from the Olympics, World Cup, World Series, Super Bowl, etc.

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