Tuesday, June 01, 2004

Gyromitra Gigas?

This weekend I found 6 large, rather ugly mushrooms growing in the bog around the beaver pond at the cabin. They were of the type Gyromitra. And, I suspect from their size and multichambered stem, that they were Gyromitra Gigas although, I suppose they could be Gyromitra Esculenta. It probably doesn’t matter since neither is edible!


Since these mushrooms are in a class often called “false morels”, I’m wondering if their presence is any kind of indicator that I may still find morel mushrooms?

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Posted under: Mushroom Articles • by Rick on 06/01/2004 at 10:32 PM
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  1. Note the sunglasses to the right of the mushroom in the photo. This gives you some idea of its size.

    Posted by Rick  on  06/03/2004  at  02:25 PM

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