Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Hanging Out in the Drug Store

The other day I needed to fill a prescription. On my way home I drove by our local RiteAid and got that process started. I don’t often hang out in drug stores, and as I waited I was fascinated by all the products they sell to help people deal with ailments (real or imagined). The array of diet products was amazing. They had things to kill pain and other things that looked like they would inflict pain. They had stuff to help you pee and help you not pee. Fascinating!

But, the display that I studied the most was a rack of about six shelves, near the pharmacy checkout.

The top couple of shelves contained personal lubricant products. There were products for guys and products for women. Some were meant to stimulate, others to kill stimulation. Strawberry, edible, jars, bottles and squeeze tubes. They came in colors ranging from gray to purple. There were “jellys” and there were “oils”.

Just under that display were the condoms. I have not spent time studying the condom selection in a drug store since I was in college and things have not changed too much. Still, way too much choice in my opinion. They come in every color you can imagine. Flavored, ribbed, even large and x-large (none were advertised as “small”.) Boxes with three and boxes with three dozen. I’m hoping they don’t expire.

And, just under that were two shelves of birth control test kits.

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Posted under: Stuff You Gotta Know! • by Rick on 10/19/2011 at 06:54 AM
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  1. I think the selection of condoms are there for those guys who purchase the three-dozen-pack and end up using them over a period of a “hopeful-time” period and by the time they really end up using them all they truly have reached an expiration date, resulting in pregnancy. So,  it all works according to the drug store’s plan in the end.

    Posted by Lynne  on  10/19/2011  at  06:07 PM

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