Tuesday, April 27, 2004

I Bought Something from an Infomercial

I am almost embarassed to admit it, but I recently purchased something by calling a 1-800 number after watching an infomercial. But, I am so pleased with my purchase, that I’m willing to confess to it and even recommend it to you…

Remember Ron Popeil of the “Pocket Fisherman” fame? He pitched a collapsible fishing rod on TV for years. It was the dumbest thing I’d ever seen. Well, he has expanded his line of inventions to include rotisserie oven for the home. And I bought one!

You can see what I bought by visiting the web site.

So far, we’ve cooked chickens, a ribless roast, a pork loin, baby back ribs, a leg of lamb, and tuna k-bobs on it. The chicken is extraordinary. As it rotates, the fats in the chicken baste it and eventually drip off. A chicken cooks in about an hour, fills the house with wonderful aromas, and tastes great.

We did not have much luck with the k-bobs. They need a very short cooking time on a grill over high heat. Instead, in the rotisserie they cooked a little too slowly and dried out. The other things we’ve cooked were really great, but I tended to cook them a little too long and they got slightly overdone. With practice, I’m learning to use it.

If you act now, you also get a knife set, kitchen scissors, a basket that holds shrimp or salmon or vegetables (that don’t skewer well), a handbook, flavor injectors, and a bunch of other great stuff AT NO ADDITIONAL CHARGE! wink

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