Tuesday, September 08, 2009


Monday was a beautiful day. They’ve all been beautiful so far. We walked to the “top”—a hill on our Southern property that is probably over 9000 feet high at its peak. The dogs ran around a lot and got good exercise. Later in the day we took a walk “around” and I’ll post a short movie of that soon. I took the saw and cut some of the logs that have fallen across the trail. I got about 1/2-way done. After a nice shower, it was time to read for a good part of the afternoon. The dogs were sure tired!

We had bran muffins for breakfast, a sandwich for lunch, and baked, rolled enchiladas for dinner. The enchiladas were a bit disappointing (I think it was the canned sauce), so we are not batting very well in the “scrumptious meals” category.

Took a drive around the area looking for wildlife. Lynne spotted one of the biggest elk I’ve ever seen. Lynne took a couple of photos, and one came out pretty good given he was about a 1/2-mile away. I’m sure she’ll post it to her blog later. Later, we sat on the porch with our dessert and a drink—but no sounds were to be heard. No coyote. No owl. Not even any ATVs—seems, the Labor Day crowd has all gone home. We watched a dumb movie on the Lifetime Movie Channel, and then went to bed. It was after 10:00! So, our clocks are finally adjusting.

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