Thursday, April 08, 2004

Rick Hits Major Milestone Today

This morning, I stepped on the scale after taking my shower as I do every morning, and the scale read 210.0 pounds. While I’ve been flirting with hitting 210 pounds for a month or so, this is the first time I actually hit my target weight!

I started at 245 pounds about 6 months ago. Together, Lynne and I chose to go on the South Beach Diet and we have both seen dramatic results. Sure, it was hard at first to give up potatoes and sweets and pasta, but the results have been dramatic. And, now that we are at our target weights, we are reintroducing some of those foods into our diet.

Nevertheless, this is a life-long change in the way we cook and eat. Frankly, we are probably eating more and better now than we ever have.

This weekend, it is off to the mall to celebrate by buying tighter clothes. I’m getting really tired of cynching my loose pants up around my waist.

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Posted under: Stuff You Gotta Know! • by Rick on 04/08/2004 at 12:23 PM
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