Sunday, September 06, 2009

Sunday Night

Tonight we had a skillet lasagna recipe. It is a favorite of Lynne’s sister. It is an easy, one-skillet recipe that was pretty good. We’ll note it in our recipe collection as “quick and easy” and good for the “cabin”.

After dinner we took the dogs for a walk to the “bottom” (of the hill along the road). It is their late evening ritual. It started sprinkling on us as we walked back. And, by the time we got back and did the dishes it had turned into a nice shower. It rained for 15 minutes or so, cooling the air off significantly—enough to motivate a fire in the stove—and, the smell was wonderful.

We lit an oil lamp and sat on the porch, eating a lemon bar and sipping limoncello. It was so quiet. Lynne says it is so quiet “it hurts”. I agree. The silence is so profound that I can hear what is going on in my head—a subtle ringing and the pounding of blood through my veins. We did hear some coyotes sing for a while, and the great horned owl did a few minutes of his “hoo hoo” song. There were occasional drips of rain from the roof. (One airliner flew overhead.)

All in all, a very nice evening. It is now time for “final pees” for the dogs and then off to bed; read; and sleep.

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