Sunday, August 05, 2012

Two Day Driving Class

I recently attended a two day driving school at the Skip Barber facility at Limerock, Connecticut. Over the two days we drove three different Mazda models, including an MX5 (Miata). My goal was to become a better street drive, learn to treat Mia better in terms of shifting and braking, and to get a chance to drive fast!

Here I am in the Mazda RX-7 on the skid pad practicing getting out of spins. In this case, I was successful.



Here is a less successful attempt.



We used the MX-3 for braking maneuvers which included short braking from various speeds, braking while also turning (and maintaining control) and “lane toss”, which is swerving to miss something in your path then stopping.



We also drove the MX-3’s on the autocross track the first day, but the second day we got to switch to the rear-wheel drive (and much more fun RX-7 and MX-5 or Miata.

Here I am getting instruction from the pro racing instructor.



It was great to have someone in the passenger seat saying “go faster, go faster” instead of “go slower, go slower.”



A fun time. And, I learned a lot. I thought I was a pretty good driver, but learned what “bad habits” I’ve accumulated over 40 years of driving. Most don’t matter much in normal driving, but overcoming them will make me a better driver in an emergency situation.

Here is a Youtube video of the pros showing off a bit after our final afternoon of time trials on the autocross. I doubt all the screeching is really necessary, and probably does not lead to the fastest lap, but sounds impressive. These guys are driving on the edge of “control.”


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  1. You forgot to mention that you won first place in one of the maneuvers! smile I’m so glad you enjoyed your birthday present!

    Posted by Lynne  on  08/06/2012  at  10:39 AM

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