Tuesday, October 05, 2004

Two Shoes: June 1984 - September 27, 2004

Rick and Lynne Robinson, Fort Collins, Colorado

Sadly, we had to finally say good-bye to the cat that has shared our lives for twenty years. Two Shoes had been failing in health since April and during the last two weeks had really started to show her age. We decided her quality of life had deteriorated to the point of no return when Rick found her on our gas stove at the cabin with her fur smoldering. She didn’t even know she was about to burst into flames! We had to make the difficult decision to euthanise her.

Two Shoes came to us at the same time as a very good friend of ours: Piper Worcester. We had just returned from living in Germany and we not yet moved into our new home. Our dog, Manda and cats Patches and Pud were all staying at the local pet kennel. I saw this gorgeous white and black cat with seven toes on her feet (instead of the normal five) in the cage next to our cats and found out that she was a stray and was destined for the Humane Society. Piper, who was at that time a groomer at the kennel, had found her wandering lost near her cabin in Allenspark. No way was that cat going anywhere but home with us! And so began her journey through life with us.

And what a journey it was…she came with us on our moves to the Netherlands and then France. She had to learn to understand Dutch and French when she went to the pet kennel! Most recently in her life the only travelling she did was to our mountain cabin every available weekend.

Rest well, sweet kitty. We shall all miss you.

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Posted under: Cat Stuff • by Lynne on 10/05/2004 at 05:56 PM
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  1. A cat with seven toes is called polydactyl. For more information on polydactyl cats (and other creatures) visit this web site.

    Posted by Rick  on  10/05/2004  at  06:44 PM

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