Tuesday, October 18, 2005

We Have Decisions to Make

Last week, not unexpectedly, I received my lay-off notice from work. There is major restructuring taking place, including the spin-off of the business I’m in. The new company will not have a presence in Colorado, so I along with maybe 100 others, are being “let go”. I’m not really angry or bitter. I saw it coming and it is a good business decision. And, Lynne and I have had a while to get used to the idea.

Still, after 26-1/2 years with the company, it brings a bit of a tear to my eye to be handed a packet of paper that ends it all.

So, we have some decisions to make about our future. And, exploring the alternatives, dreaming about the possibilities, investigating the options is really fun. One idea we have is to take a couple of years off from the rat race and live at our mountain cabin in Sand Creek Park. We are planning to build a garage to home the cars, an additional refrigerator, a freezer, and to provide lots of additional storage. We are adding satellite internet and TV. We are considering an addition of a bedroom to provide a bit more room in the one-room cabin. And, we are thinking about what we need to do to survive winters up there. It is all quite fun.

Of course, we’ll need a bit of money to live on, so we need to figure that out too. I’m starting up a small marketing consultling business that can provide both planning and implementation services. I’m pretty good with web stuff, so can provide services to host and manage small- to medium-sized businesses’ web sites. Lynne is great at creating advertisements, brochures, newsletters, etc. And, I’m also pretty good at marketing strategy and planning, having spent the last 26-1/2 years of my life doing that. So, maybe that will provide some income. Who knows?

In any case, we’ll keep you updated. And, if we do live up there, we will transform this web site into a daily blog of our activities, insights, observations, experiences, etc.

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