Friday, September 17, 2010

Cabin Visit 2010 - Day 1

We arrived at the cabin a little before 2:00 on Friday afternoon. That’s three pretty full days of driving from New Jersey. On the first day we make it through NJ, PA, OH and into IN. On the second day we leave IN, and drive through IL, IA, and a good chunk of NE. Finally, hours upon hours of straight flat road through NE, into WY, and drop into CO.

We did a short shopping trip in Laramie, WY to get food for 3-4 days, dog food and other necessities.

As you may know, we had about 200 beetle kill pine trees removed from the West side of the cabin. This is our first chance to see the result. Actually, we like the openness the cutting created. We now have an large open area West of the cabin and we can see the sky and parts of the horizon we never could see before. We will get more stars at night, longer twilight, great sunsets, etc. The downside is that the area is not cleaned up very well with many downed trees and piles of sticks and brush that did not get removed or burned as we expected. So, there is the need to get the cleaned up. But, once it is, we’ll have a wonderful meadow by the cabin. And the fire break that was created could be a “cabin saver” someday.

The dogs did not miss a beat. They know exactly where we are. Maybe somewhat confused by the missing forest. We’ve already had a couple of short walks and they are now pooped out (literally) and ready for bed.

The cats also know where we are and are adjusting quickly. Ebay has already escaped outside once.

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