Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Christmas at the Cabin, Day 12

The wind blew hard all night and was still blowing hard on Monday morning. We got up and did our morning chores: make coffee, feed dogs, feed birds, build fire, etc.

Then, we started packing up for the trip home. The biggest, and saddest, chore was to take down the Christmas tree. I did that while Lynne organized all our other stuff. We were soon packed and ready to head home with a goal of getting home early and having the day to get unpacked and back into the routine at home. We were able to bring most of our stuff home, but I had to leave a lot of trash (in trash bags) in the shed. I’ll need to make a trip up sometime soon and do a “de-provisioning” trip to bring some of that stuff, plus empty boxes, and empty wine bottles home wink

I learned a few lessons on this stay:

1. Muskrats can be cranky and aggressive. That “muskrat love” stuff is bogus.
2. Snow fleas exist. And, may be the most common life on earth!
3. The wind blows in winter. (Well, I knew this, but experienced the highest winds I’ve ever seen up there).
4. There is no problem getting enough electricity in winter if the wind is blowing.
5. Lynne and I can be together 24X7 in a small one-room cabin with 7 dogs and 3 cats and live to tell about it.
6. We broke 2 records on this stay: the longest continuous stay ever at 12 days, and the longest stay ever without a trip into town.

We hope you enjoyed keeping up with our stay at the cabin and welcome any comments.

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